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After four years with the then broadsheet Daily Express, the only newspaper at that time to give space and importance to photographs, Bryan Wharton joined the Sunday Times at the beginning of 1964. The Sunday Times, under the new ownership of Roy Thomson ( later Lord Thomson), was shedding it's sedate image, and was seeking news trained photographers to join it`s young team of reporters. This proved to be a fortunate move, for The Sunday Times became the most exciting newspaper, in a most remarkably eventful period. "It was a privelige to work with the highest level of talent especially under the Editorship of Harry Evans" During the next 19 years Wharton travelled to a many parts of the World, and most of Britain and Ireland. He photographed everything from Ballet through to War, met Scoundrels through to Saints. His work was published in all the major magazines, Life, Paris Match, Stern, etc. In 1992, having previously taken part in many exhibitions, he was persuaded by colleagues, and a generous sponsor, to attempt a one-man show in London. It proved to be a success, and thereafter was shown in Dublin at the Writers Museum and in many Galleries and Museums since.

In 2001 the National Portrait Gallery exhibited some of more than twenty photographs of his that they have acquired for their collection.

The photographs are handmade and finished to archival standards by the photographer.

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