Peter O`Toole
1976 Dublin

The actor and bon viveur at one of his favourite Dublin bars. "It wasn`t so much the booze, but the yammering, that made them so hard to leave" (On his way to his honeymoon, in the Aran Islands, with his wife Sian Philips, they got no further than the bars of Lower Baggot Street) O`Toole, unable to drink, ordered `red lemonade` "At least the colour is sinful !" The photographer, however, had fallen victim, not without enthusiasm, to the lavish and insistent morning hospitality of Mr O`Toole…………
He was greeted by the Great Man brandishing a bottle of whisky and two glasses, and informed he was drinking for the both of them! Once the bottle was duly empty, they proceeded forth to do the photographs. ( The photographer asks your indulgences in his excuses for the result, and for his thereafter, less than complete liver.)

Limited edition of 50. In signed mount, unframed.
Image area 369mm x 266mm