An internationally renowned photo-journalist, Bryan Wharton has won countless awards for his work for the Sunday Times. He has covered several wars and natural disasters, but he is perhaps best known for his incisive portraits of well known personalities, many of whom have become his closest friends.
Anyone with eyes can see the human sympathy in these pictures, the shrewdness, the kindness, the ruthlessness, the versatility, the impudence and invention, sometimes the parody, the endless gusto in humanity, especially the female of the species. It is all the more extraordinary given the ridiculous and sometimes downright impossible journalistic pressures which lie behind the pictures.

At the London exhibition I found myself moved, amused, surprised. It was as if air expelled from the lungs long ago had been frozen forever in some Arctic clime and preserved eternally, not breath but crystal. Thus, so many of those hectic moments are caught, as in aspic, for future generations to share and enjoy. They can now be seen for what they always were. Not simply a chapter of journalistic coups, but a series of works of art.

That whistling Lutin, he of the new born calves and succulent truffles, must have passed this way.......David Leitch 1992
"Working with him was serious fun. His pictures show it......."
Philip Oakes.
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